Who will be ashamed of Mary, I will be ashamed of him

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Text found on a priest’s journal archives

20th of February 1982:

Jésus :

“Me, I am not a Christ suiting all tastes.
I was born from the Virgin Mary,
That’s why I have been conceived by the Holy Spirit.

The form of the new Panorama is perhaps better.
Me, it is the Spirit I am interested in.
When there will be the Spirit, then I will accept the substance and the form.
Tell it to them, If they think these words being too strong
And that they cannot be heard,
Others have thought my words being too strong to be heard.

It is the Rosary that shapes me in the soul in the eyes of my Mother’s children.
I am Mary’s son, Jesus, son of Mary, the Gospel shouts it from all the rooftops.
I am not ashamed of being Mary’s Son.
It is through Her that I assumed my mission of Son of God.
God’s Children are Mary’s children.
I see the Church of Mary’s children.
Believe or not believe, take it or leave it.

I am not the Christ suiting all tastes.
I am the Christ of the Sacred Heart.
The one who comes to Me, I will usher him into my Heart. There are no other dwellings.
The rest is illusion and false prophecy, false expression, tale of the Judean and of his Spirit.

I am the Christ of the Sacred Heart born from Mary’s Immaculate Heart.
Look at the eyes of this “Christ” printed on Panorama,
Has he the eyes drunken on wine?
The wine comes only at Mary’s request, as in Cana.
I don’t want to be called “God’s son”, but “Mary’s son”, “Mary’s Children”.

The one who will be ashamed of Mary, I will be ashamed of him.
The one who gets closer to Her gets closer to Me.
And the one who praises her praises Me and praises the One Who has sent Me.
I have told it about the Apostles, more over about the one who has loved Me and who does not stop doing it more than all the others,
In the Love, the gift of oneself, in the humbleness, in the continuous dialogue from heart to heart.
Here is Mary.
All her sons are blessed.
She is the Mother of the Apocalypse.
To resist her, even minimally, does not come from Heaven, but from the Evil One.

Don’t stop teaching these things and revealing the Greatness of the Mother of all Nations.
Illuminate with the Sun of the true Faith.
Tell them that the rosary is like the repeated strokes of the sculptor’s chisel
To sculpt the true Christ face into us, His true features, His true splendour, His true look.

It is up to you to begin the biblical course with a prayer to Mary.
It is not only a matter of knowing the truth (demons do know it),
But of knowing her in the Spirit, that of Mary, which is that of God.
They are inseparable.

I am not known because Mary is not known”.

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