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Text found in a priest’s journal archives:

This Wednesday January the 10th 1990 is dedicated to our Mother. Jesus wants to talk to us of her. It is a way to answer our prayers. Jesus refers to a prayer Doris Toutounji had dedicated to the “Mater Admirabilis” (Admirable Mother) on the 20th October 1945.

Prayer to the “Mater Admirabilis

Hail Mary, full of grace, sparkling light in which is reflected the Divine Trinity. Your name, O Mary, is a widespread balsam, and for us sinners a permanently expected help.
The Lord is with You, as You, o dearest Mary, are with us, to enlighten, guide and console your children, poor pilgrims who walk in this Valley of tears, their eyes fixed upon You, their sweet Star.
Blessed are You among all women, because the Lord has chosen You to be the Mother of the Incarnated Word, never allowing sin to tarnish your ravishing whiteness.
Be blessed Jesus, the Fruit of your wombs, because through You He has been given to us, the unique Saviour who redeems us from death and reopens us the door of Heaven.
Holy Mary, Mother of God and our Admirable Mother, pray for us who combat now on earth the devil and his fellows. Be our refuge at all times, so that, in this end of times, we may already contemplate your sweet face in the splendour of the Eternity. Amen.

Jesus says: “Everyday you say: “Be our refuge at all times, so that we may already contemplate Your sweet face in the splendour of the Eternity”. Indeed…Your desire to contemplate My Mother’s face, before being your Mother, is a desire put in you by our Father, by my and your Father, a desire which you have answered to”.

It is to help you to see this radiant face among all, that I talk to you of Her. Look at her, and what do you see of Her? Do you see Her Immaculate or with the original sin or with other sins?
When you go to the ophthalmologist to have your eyes tested, he puts you at a certain distance from a table with big letters getting smaller and smaller. He tells you: “Which letter is this?”. If the big letter C is seen by you as a F, it is not at all doing well. You will need strong lenses. If then you go through the bigger or smaller letters, it depends on your myopia, on the grade of your astigmatism, or your presbyopia. The letter does not change. It is what it is. It is the one who looks, who should see it as it is. That depends on the one who looks.

Look at our Mother and tell me what you see. However She will not change.
Blessed those who see Her as She is, because they have a good sight. There are some blind. Their disease is incurable. You shall die in your sin, shall not you? I have already told it to some people, you shall die in your sins. This condemnation today applies to many people.
As far as you are concerned, you live in your grace, every day more and more.

Mary is the light of the soul.

Let the one who sees Her orient himself to Her. He suddenly will discover another Light which is the uncreated Light. If indeed he cannot see the Marian light, he could not see the divine Light. The one who cannot orient himself to the Marian light, could not keep on going towards the divine Light. He would have already taken another path. There is an itinerary of the soul. There is a path to be followed to reach the Father and this route is mapped out by the Father, and He had put an extraordinary lamp, that is seen only by those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and that the blind cannot see. Those who glimpse something can be recoverable, if they want, in the other world. There are some sins forgivable in the other world, and others that cannot be forgivable either here, or over there. We know it. All those who refuse Mary categorically could never get somewhere. Some people love Her without knowing it. Some others see Her without knowing it.

When Ghandi said: “Give me the Christ and keep the Christians for yourselves”, it was because he had seen many things. As the Christ he had seen included even Mary. He had not enough light to discriminate some aspects. Nevertheless he went on his way till he reached the divine Light.

Marie.jpg This is Mary. She delivered Me. She has been my way to the world, to the earth. She will be your way from earth to Heaven. You should take the way I Myself borrowed. It is a big highway.

Look at the Luminous point.
What do we say, what do you say in the prayer? “Sparkling light in which is reflected the Divine Trinity”. May these not be just words to you. They should not be just words to you. Indeed, She reflects the divine Light.
“The Lord is with you, Mary as you are with us”. Why ? “To enlighten, guide and console your children, poor pilgrims who walk”, who walk whereto? Where are we going to? Some pilgrims! We are not tourists. We are pilgrims in this valley of tears that thanks to Her – I am a witness of it – She has turned into a forest of Light. Our sweet star. One should pay attention. Prayers should not be simply words, but they should be understood and lived.
“The Lord has chosen You to be the Mother of the Incarnated Word, never allowing sin to tarnish your ravishing whiteness”. Not only the Mother of the Incarnated Word, but even the Mother of the elected by the Word. Is She who gives birth in the Apocalypse to the apocalyptic son, to the apocalyptic children.
“Be blessed Jesus, the Fruit of your wombs, because through You He has been given to us”. He has not been given to us by another woman. He is blessed because He has come thanks to an Immaculate woman. “Because through You He has been given to us, the Unique Saviour who reopens us the door of Heaven”. This door of Heaven is to be open to us. We’re living an unique experience in this world.
It is the Hereafter who knocks at the door of the time. It is the Hereafter who invades the world. And all of this prepare mankind for a new age.

“The difference between you and these people who live these experiences at the death threshold is that they do that at the death threshold, while you, you are alive”. Alive on two levels. On the physical level and on the interior one. This is the first Resurrection. And who gave us this First Resurrection? God of course, but through whom? Through Mary. This beautiful face I see, and that blesses Me. She wants Me to tell you that She likes my way to talk of Her. I would like you to see Her eyes, Her look, it will happen. “You are happy”. Yes I am, and I want you to be happy as well as I am. So that one could say: “She is beautiful”. This “She is beautiful”, however, does not mean almost anything. The world says “She is beautiful”. She is a marvellous woman. It is all I can say of Her.

It is the Almighty Intercession. If God is the Almighty, She, She is the Almighty Intercession. God refuses nothing to Her. As He knows She would never ask something that is not in the interest of His Kingdom. Men ask for many things that God does not grant because they are not either in the interest of the Kingdom, or in the interest of the Salvation of the people who ask for them. They ask for money, stupidity, human laws. It is not the case of Mary. When She asks for, it is for the deep good of the soul. She can, even, asks for us as a grace that we consider a disgrace. However, it is a grace. This disgrace will make us realize many things. As they say in Arabic: “Do not despise anything of what comes to you, maybe it is good for you”.

The most beautiful prayer we can say to our Mother is to trust Her fully. And to keep on looking at Her, to keep on looking at Her until we can see Her, as we ask Her to contemplate already Her sweet face. We can already imagine this sweet face. By dint of imaging, we will end up by having the grace to see Her. It is a sweet face, it is tender. She looks at you with sweetness. Mary is a woman who looks at the person or who does not look at it at all”.

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