Jesus’ Passion lived by Mary

Jesus’ Passion The Very Saint Virgin Mary to Saint Brigitte translated from the French Précieux Recueils, Sursum Corda, Ponthaud, Printing library Don-Bosco, 1950 A mother would be very painfully troubled if she saw her own son put to death; I was so during my Son’s Passion. Oh my daughter! Eve... Lire la suite...

Apparition in Marienfried (Germany) in 1946

The Virgin Mary appeared in 1946 in Marienfried (Germany), parish of Pfaffenhofen, close to Neu-Ulm, to Bärbel Ruess, aged then 22 years. There were three apparitions: April 25, May 25 and June 25, 1946. We report the essential of Mary’s words translated from German. We put between brackets a... Lire la suite...

Apparition in Fatima (Portugal) in 1917

The Holy Virgin appeared seven times in Fatima, in Portugal, of May 13 to October 13, 1917 to 3 children: Jacinta, Francesco and Lucia. During the third apparition, Mary revealed a secret divided into 3 parts which was later revealed by the pope Jean Paul II. We diffuse this secret such as it was an... Lire la suite...

Apparition in La Salette (France) in 1846

The Holy Virgin appeared in France, in the remote village of La Salette, on September 19, 1846, to a 15 year old humble shepherdess named Melanie Calvat and her 12 year old shepherd friend Maximin Giraud. La Salette is a small village in the Alpes Dauphinoises at an altitude of 1800 meters in the so... Lire la suite...





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