Ingrid Betancourt: “My faith saved me”

The most famous ex-hostage in the world has gone to the Sacred Heart in Montmartre on this Sunday July the 6th to thank Jesus and Mary for her liberation. After her prayer Ingrid Betancourt confided herself to the newspaper Pèlerin to tell how her faith showed itself in the most painful moments of ... Lire la suite...

The Fourniret case, Mary’s graces

Michel Fourniret, tried at the moment in France for the rape and the murder of several girls. His last victim had managed to free herself and to escape from him and thanks to her the policemen arrested him. Her testimony is very inspiring, because by praying Our Mother, by Her Grace she was able to ... Lire la suite...


[During a NDE] I saw myself immediately after the accident, transported I do not know how in front of the throne of Christ. And He judged me. He judged me as a priest. I had tunnel, neither of light, nor my whole life in three dimensions. I knew only that I was in this moment […]... Lire la suite...





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