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Man has a beautiful role, that of praying and loving…You pray, you love: here the good for men on earth. Prayer is nothing but an union with God. When someone has a pure heart united to God, he feels a balm into himself, a heady sweetness, a dazzling light. In this intimate union, God and the soul are like two pieces of wax melted together; one cannot separate them anymore (“Chosen thoughts” by the Saint Curate of Ars, Ed Pierre Téqui, p 64)

We propose you some prayers to Mary that we love praying. Of course each one is free to choose the prayers suiting one’s mood.

Hail Mary (Ave Maria)

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee;
Blessed art thou amongst all women,
And your blessed son, Jesus, is the Messiah.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, and our dearest Mother,
Pray for us who love you, now
And at the blessed hour of our depart. Amen

Prayer to “Mater Admirabilis”

Hail Mary, full of grace, sparkling light in which is reflected the Three Divine Persons. Your name, O Mary, is a widespread balm, and for us sinners a permanently expected help. The Lord is with You, as You, O Mary, are with us, to enlighten, guide and console your children, poor pilgrims who walk in this Valley of tears, their eyes fixed upon You, their sweet Star. Blessed are You among all women because the Lord has chosen You to be the Mother of the Incarnated Word, never allowing sin to tarnish your ravishing whiteness. Jesus, the Fruit of your wombs, is blessed, because through You has He been given to us, the unique Saviour who redeems us from death and reopens us the door of Heaven. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us who combat now on earth. Be our refuge at all times, so that, at the blessed moment of our death, we may contemplate your sweet face in the splendour of Eternity. Amen. (More Information)

Promises to Mary

We promise to you, Immaculate Mary, our dearest Mother, you our Lady of La Salette and Fatima, to be in the world witnesses of your Immaculate Heart, by testifying for Justice and Truth, as Jesus, your Son, taught us. Grant us your almighty help to be faithful to our Promise. Amen. Into your hands, Mary, I commit my spirit and I entrust you with our prayers, our mission, our fight, our family, and our eternal life. Increase into us the inner life, the knowledge of God’s will, the assurance, the strength, the love, the intelligence, the wisdom, the discernment, the spirit of prophecy, the balance in everything, and the awareness that we live in your sweet and saint company, Amen.

Our Mother of the Revelation (Apocalypse)

Our Mother of the Revelation, God’s Immaculate Mother, and our dearest Mother, defend us in the fight. Be our assistance against the malice and the traps of men and demons, may God make them feel your Empire, we beseech you. And you Michael, chief of the Heaven Army, drive back to Hell by the divine strength of the Immaculate Conception Satan and all wicked men who wander in the world to ruin souls. Amen.





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