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[During a NDE]

I saw myself immediately after the accident, transported I do not know how in front of the throne of Christ. And He judged me. He judged me as a priest. I had tunnel, neither of light, nor my whole life in three dimensions. I knew only that I was in this moment in front of Him and that there were NO ARGUMENTATION OR POSSIBLE DISCUSSION. I was naked. He said: “This man has been priest for twelve years for him, not for Me. He will go there where he deserves it.”

Then, I heard the voice of his Mother. I cannot say that I saw them as we see with eyes but their voices resounded clearly in my head. She said: “My Son, saves his life.” Christ listened to Her before retorting: “my Mother, for twelve years he has been the priest of Steve Schneir instead of being My priest. Let me exert My divine justice. “But Mary insisted: “My son, let us give him some graces and see whether he will bear fruits in the future and if it returns towards You. Otherwise thy will be done.” There was a brief break then Jesus answered: ” my Mother he belongs to You. ” And I knew that She had saved me from what waited for me.


An Inquiry Into the Existence of Guardian Angels – page 117

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