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This website is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Its goal is to introduce Marie through reflexions, texts and quotations which emanate from authentic sources.

“Some Christians feel a resistance (to which they give, even Catholics and Orthodox) to pronounce the name of Mary. Where does this resistance to the one our Father chose “among all women” and what is its source? Is it inspired by Heaven or by the enemy? Saying the name of Mary, would it be an exorcism? Everyone is free to judge by the prayer.

Jesus came to us in Mary, if she had said “no” to Gabriel, God’s whole plan would have failed. It is in Mary that this plan has successful. If the Father, the Almighty, chose to come to us by Jesus in Mary, we will go to the Father and Jesus only by the way traced by the Almighty Creator who did not neglect this Woman to come to us.

Authors of this site, we chose to go to Jesus through the shortcut he chose to come to us: By Mary. We love this “shortcut” to “Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life” He (She) is sunny, flowery and fragrant.

“In the greatest afflictions, it seems to me not to have mother in this world, but to have one very sympathetic in the Sky. I would like to have an enough strong voice to be able to invite the sinners of the whole world to love the Virgin”

Padre Pio – The Stigmata of Faith

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